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Religion & Worldviews Education – Our content, aims and concepts

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We provide a daily assembly for every pupil linked to our character values. We ensure that both religious and non-religious perspectives are shared with our children to ensure a well-rounded view of the world in such a diverse community. 

We take an enquiry based approach to this subject, ensuring that whilst developing RWE knowledge and skills we are also developing character values and metacognitive strategies at the same time.​

To develop children's understanding around different faiths and those of no faith, we often invite visitors to school and local church groups to support children's learning. Children also explore different religions and faiths as part of our cultural diversity work. We believe it is essential that our children are curious around the beliefs of others and that this is essential to securing our outcomes of caring citizens who can create change in the world.

Religion & World Views – Examples of Religion & World View Experiences 

Religion & World Views – Examples of Religion & World View Learning Journals

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