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School Clubs


A range of After School Clubs are made available throughout the year.  Exciting opportunities such as Gardening, Craft, Construction, Music, to name a few. The list of clubs will be confirmed to each student at the beginning of each term and parental permission will be sought. 

We do our best to offer our school clubs free of charge, however on occasions, to extend our offer, we will use the services of external providers (such as Premier Sports) and for these clubs there is likely to be a small fee per session, per pupil.  Parents need to sign pupils up for clubs and indicate how pupils will be collected at the end of the club. Slips are included in the clubs letters. If you miss the letter, further copies are available from the school office or on our website.

School Clubs run from 3.15pm to 4.15pm (unless otherwise stated).


3.15pm - 4.15 pm

Creative Thinkers (open to all years)


3.15pm - 4.15 pm

Sport's Club with Premier Sports.


3.15pm - 4.15 pm

Stay and Play

(At the moment we aren't charging for clubs and will continue to do this for as long as we can. If there is a change we will let you know)

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