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Pupil & Sports Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium provides additional funding on top of the main funding a school receives.  The aim of the funding is to ensure that all children, regardless of economic background,  have the same opportunities and academic outcomes.

Is there an issue with eligible pupils not applying for FSM?

In Somerset, when a Housing/Council Tax Benefit form is agreed, this automatically entitles the child(ren) in the family to receive free school meals.  The council informs the Student Service team and the school of the child's entitlement to free school meals.

Parents in receipt of Child Tax Credit need to fill a free school meal application form.  If you believe that you qualify for these tax benefits, please fill in a form as this may mean additional funding is available for your child in school.

How will the impact of the spending of the Pupil Premium be measured?

To monitor progress on attainment, new measures will be included in the performance tables that will capture the achievement of students covered by the Pupil Premium.  At Winsham Primary School, the usual cycle of data collection and the monitoring and tracking of the cohorts attainment, will be used to inform student progress and enable early identifications of need, support and appropriate intervention if needed.

What are the plans for this academic year?

Details of how we intend to spend the funding can be found in the Pupil premium strategy document below, along with the impact of how we spent last years funding.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020/2021

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021/2022

PE and Sports Premium

The Government have provided funding to all schools and Academies to enable the provision of sport.  

Winsham PE Premium 2020/2021

Winsham PE Grant 2021/2022

Winsham Sports Premium Report 2021/2022

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